Just trying to find my light within the darkness while I help others do the same.

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Musician | Experimental Bass, Dubstep, Lo-Fi/Ambient


"SiMBOLiZM" got into the EDM scene in 2016, first doing some videography for shows, making recap videos & promo videos. Along with helping set up sound, lights, etc. for quite some time! After being around & connecting with the DJs and promoters, SiMBOLiZM realized how much more involved he wanted to get into the scene. He slowly transitioned from media work to promoting shows, then to DJing and making music!

SiMBOLiZM has played a number of festivals - Ubbi Dubbi (2021) - Backwoods (2021) Nightfall Experience (2018 & 2019) - Flow Faire (2022) & not to mention the Grimefest series (x4) and Bassession as well!

SiMBOLiZM has played along side & shared the stage with many heavy hitters, such as: Liquid Stranger, LSDream, BTSM, The Widdler, Of The Trees, DMVU, Shlump, Subdocta, Ghastly, Hekler, Champagne Drip, Luzcid, Yheti, Sayer, Tynan, Blanke, G-Rex, Mystic Grizzly, Dubloadz, Bukez Finest, Esseks, Jantsen, PHISO, Infekt, MVRDA, & more!

Notable Venues SiMBOliZM has played 

Dallas TX (The Green Elephant) (Lizard Lounge) (Deep Ellum Art Co)

Denver CO (The Black Box) (Antero Hall)

Tampa FL (TK Lounge)

The SiMBOLiZM project promotes mental health awareness & positivity. 

The goal is to love & connect, heal & protect.

We are SiMBOLiZM - we are ONE.

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Experimental Bass

SiMBOLiZM - Nothingness

Experimental Bass/Lo-Fi/Grunge Rock

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